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For almost two decades LDN International has successfully helped business leaders identify and build the leadership skills that matter. We do this in three steps - define what those critical skills are, assess curent capability and develop action plans to close the gaps.

Based in Melbourne, we work with organisations in Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific region, with people in many different industries. The team at LDN International are business oriented people who understand the realities of organisational life and the challenges faced by leaders in competitive and rapidly changing markets. 

Through our 15-year partnership with Lominger International, and now Korn Ferry, we have used the Leadership Architect to add rigour to our solutions. We believe in the transfer of expertise and have certified and trained over 3,000 human resources professionals and line managers in the Leadership Architect suite of tools.


Voices 360®-degree report 

An enhancement has been made to the Voices 360®-degree feedback report. It involves a change in the Best Development Opportunites (BDO) section that better priorities boss data to derive more meaningful development suggestions.

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Helping your leaders focus on the skills they need to win

The perception of great leadership has un dergone a shift in recent years as economic and political uncertainty showe dthe world econmy and contstrained business growth.

A directive style based on power and influence is..........

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What will be your Leadership Legacy?

What do you think people will remember in years to come about your impact on their success in their careers?

How will they describe your leadership legacy?

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