Learning Agility, 360 Degree Feedback, Team Effectiveness Lominger Competencies Learning Agility, 360 Degree Feedback, Team Effectiveness


For almost two decades we have successfully helped business leaders identify and build the leadership skills that matter.

By drawing on globally validated, state of the art tools as well as our own extensive consulting experience, we deliver end-to-end leadership development solutions that drive business performance and unlock value through people.

Working aross the Asia Pacific region, we engage with clients to define the capability that is critical for their success and align this with business strategy.

Through our long partnership with Lominger International, and now Korn Ferry International, we have applied the Leadership Architect® to drive best practice leadership and talent development. 


Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Certification FAQs

What is the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™?

How does it compare to the classic Lominger Leadership Architect®?

We have an intellectual property license for the Lominger Competencies: do we need a new one?

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360 Degree Feedback

Are you making the most of 360 and did it achieve what you had hoped?

Did you know you can use 360 to 'reverse-engineer' expected outcomes based on the profile of leadership behaviours of individuals and groups.  You can predict how participants will drive specific business results and perform in teams and drive change, as well as their impact on the people they lead.

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Understanding Learning Agility

What is learning agility and why is it so important?

The concept of learning agility has never been more topical or relevant to leaders.  Given the constant churn in today's world of business, success comes to those who are agile in the way they think, solve problems, manage their business and relate to people.

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