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We help leaders identify, build and sustain the capabilities they need to drive the success of their organisations. We do this by maximising the effectiveness of individuals and providing innovative solutions for transforming businesses, managing culture and aligning people practices to strategy.

Our core expertise lies in introducing new approaches to identifying and develop best practice solutions to leadership and talent challenges.


High impact executive coaching

We work with organisations around the world delivering best practice coaching and leadership development solutions to grow and sustain a pipeline of leaders who can deliver on business priorities for today and navigate the challenges of tomorrow.

Our insights are based on extensive experience and credentials, including:

  • Partnering global companies on leadeship and talent programs
  • Working with executives located in 22 countries over the last four years
  • World class coaching qualifications

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360-Degree assessment

As many of you know, VOICES has been the gold standard for 360 degree assesment over many years. Korn Ferry has released a new, updated version, known simply as KF360.

Many features of the orginal 360 have been retained and new ones added to reflect the rich heritage of Korn Ferry's competency content and modern survey technology.

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Do you know the leadership gaps in your organisation?

The complex and changing world of business that leaders face today calls for a finely tuned set of skills to drive a business forward and deliver results. But what are these skills?

We recently sought an answer to this question, using data gathered from 360-degree surveys.  A gap analysis between the level of skill and the perceived importance of a set of leadership capabilites revealed three key areas where people believe their leaders could be more effective.  So, what are these three areas?

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