90 Day Plan ProgramManaging Leadership Transitions

The challenge of taking on and mastering a new job today is heightened by expectations to deliver results in a shorter time frame than ever before.

The stakes are high. Up to forty percent of newly promoted leaders fall short of expectations in the first eighteen months and the risk is greater for those coming in from outside.

The cost is too great to leave successful transitions to chance. Onboarding programs that consist of company induction combined with individual coaching reduce the risk as they ensure that people get off to a good start and build momentum for longer-term success.

Over the last few years we have refined a process to help executives and managers assess the demands of a new job in order to measure and develop their personal capability against those demands. The result is The 90-Day Plan™, a personal framework for managing a leadership transition

The 90-Day Plan™

The 90-Day Plan™ is available in a flexible format - for executives as a confidential, coaching program and for managers in a mix of self-paced learning and short transition workshops. Options include tailoring or adding to the content for specific needs and branding the program materials with your organisation's corporate colours and logo.

What We Know About Transitions

Over 900 executives and managers have participated in The 90-Day Plan™ and we have learnt that there is no better time to capture someone's attention for self-development than when they are faced with new challenges, especially when success depends on mastering them. Understandably, motivation is at a peak and participants and their organisations derive immediate benefit.

We have also found that participants find the framework useful well beyond their integration into the new job. Many have reported that they have applied the principles of focus on job goals and stakeholders to the way they lead their teams and manage performance and development conversations.

What Past Participants Say

"A great program setting a foundation of awareness & learning - invaluable going forward in my career."

"This program enabled me to clarify what was expected of me in my new role. My confidence grew enormously during the program. Has provided me opportunity to grow & recognise the growth."

"My participation in the program has reinforced the importance of alignment and given me a focus on competencies I need to work on"

"Great coach. Really connected with coach, between us we had some meaningful conversations."

Who Should Participate?

  • Executives and senior manager joining the organisation
  • High potential leaders taking a critical role
  • Newly promoted leaders with expanded responsibilities
  • People stepping up to challenging assignments
  • Leaders transferring to another part of the business
  • Technical experts assuming a broader leadership role

Contact Us

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