About The
Leadership Architect®

At the core of the Leadership Architect® is a library of competencies derived from competency work done across many years at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Hay McBer, Sears, Exxon, AT&T and thousands of professional studies.

Competencies have become increasingly popular because they provide a common language to define the kind of behaviour that will lead to individual and organisational success.

The Leadership Architect® competencies have been tested empirically since 1994. Results show that proficiency in specific competencies is related to several measures of performance and the competencies predict both promotion and performance years later.

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In one study, a Fortune 100 financial services company analysed its existing management competency data against key performance metrics. It was found that a set of competencies explained 54 percent of the difference in commissions paid to field sales managers and accounted for 30 percent of the difference in staff retention between superior performers and average/low performers.

The Leadership Architect® competencies form the foundation for a set of purpose-specific tools. Each tool can be used on its own or along with others. The tools have application across people systems such as:

  • Competency modeling
  • Development and coaching
  • Feedback and assessment
  • Succession management
  • Interviewing and selection
  • Team effectiveness
  • Performance management
  • Strategic alignment

In 2012, Korn/Ferry released the tenth anniversary edition of the groundbreaking book The Leadership Machine: Architecture to Develop Leaders for Any Future, a guide to best practice in the areas mentioned above.

In September 2014, Korn Ferry brought together the extensive leadership development resources of their three powerhouse brands (Lominger, PDI Ninth House and Global Novations) in the creation of the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Global Competency Framework.

The new competency framework is based on more than 60 years of research and targets unique business needs with the most innovative framework on the market today.  Featuring 38 leadership competencies, it offers a simple yet elegant solution to communicating and developing the skills and behaviours that matter most for success.

The new framework comes with a fresh approach to defining the critical competencies for different jobs and levels in order to achieve maximum alignment with strategic priorities. Click here to learn more.

The Leadership Architect® tools are extensively used by organisations around the world. For example, FYI: For Your Improvement™: A Guide for Coaching and Development is available in 8 languages and recently surpassed one million copies in print.

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