about us 

We believe that leaders need greater agility than ever before to effectively deal with the realities of the current business environment.  They must find new ways to adapt and evolve their business if they are to optimise performance and growth. 

Since 2005, we have provided organisations with leadership and talent development solutions to produce tangible outcomes. Our core purpose is to help build leadership skills that matter. We are committed to delivering the most innovative solutions.

It has been our privilege to work with leading global and local organisations in many industries across, Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.  Our work has ranged from designing unique talent development programs to one-on-one coaching for senior executives.

What we do

When you work with us, you can be sure that our approach and methodology will be customised and aligned to your business.  We believe it is essential that we understand precisely what you want to achieve and work with you to develop the best solution. 

Whether your priority is to establish and implement a strategy, strength the capability of your organisation, equip your leaders to drive change or build talent or the future, we bring a powerful set of tools and processes to deliver results.

Whilst we apply a proven set of guiding principles for first-class leadership and talent development, whilst recognising that each business is unique, and the approach to implementation needs to be appropriate, relevant and respectful of the organisation, its people and culture.

Our difference

The key to a sustainable human capital advantage is an integrated process for attracting, developing, retaining and sustaining key talent. The differentiating value we bring is our extensive experience in each of these domains and, as a master associate firm representing Korn Ferry, we have a deep understanding how to apply the Leadership Architect® suite of tools. 

We offer a range of supporting services such as our internationally recognised 90-Day Plan™ for onboarding and developing your leaders. We believe in the transfer of expertise and offer certification for in-house practitioners in the Korn Ferry tools. 

We have embraced some of the recent learning agility research and exciting advances in neuroscience.  These findings shed new light on how leaders should guide their people and organisations. 

Our team

Our team is a group of experienced and pragmatic business people who understand the realities of organisational life and the demands on leaders to perform in competitive markets. Highly skilled in the methodologies we use, our team brings a high level of expertise to every assignment and are backed by a highly efficient support team.  

 We have deep expertise in:

  • Building the leadership capability needed to implement your business strategy
  • Creating a leadership framework against which to measure and develop your people
  • Giving feedback and coaching to your current and emerging leaders
  • Identifying your top talent and assuring your pipeline of leaders
  • Facilitating leadership transitions and onboarding newly appointed leaders

At LDN International, our executive coaches are also accredited in the following tools:

  1. Hogan Assessment Systems, each of which provides a fully comprehensive assessment in the role of personality in predicting job performance outcomes.
  2. Agile Leader 360 is a confidential multi-rater survey that gives leaders insights into how they are truly perceived by others on competencies that matter most in an increasingly volatile business landscape.  These competencies were derived from research conducted at the IMD Business School. The resull is a model of agile leadership that defines specific competencies and behaviours related to successful performance in disruptive environments.
  3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Acknowledged as the world's most widely used personality assessment, it is particularly useful for building interpersonal skill and improving co- operation and collaboration among teams.
  4. Conversational Intelligence™. a ground breaking, neuroscientific framework that is revolutionising entire industries, and profoundly shifting the way we interact and connect as human beings. 
  5. The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) is an organisational tool that uses both self-assessment and rater feedback to identify individual thinking and behavioural styles.
To view the full suite of assesmment tools used by the team at LDN International click here.

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Hilary Sayers - Lominger Competencies  


Hilary Sayers

managing director

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client services manager

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