As a Master Associate firm of Korn Ferry, we are authorised to conduct certification training in the full Leadership Architect® Suite.

During our 15-year partnership with Lominger, now Korn Ferry, we have been privileged to work with forward-thinking executives, managers and human resource professionals across the Asia-Pacific region on maximising the effectiveness of their people and their business.

Not only do we teach others how to implement the Leadership Architect® tools, but we also apply them ourselves in the course of our work. We are often called upon to collaborate with our clients or take on projects on their behalf. 

When you attend an LDN certification workshop, you will have access to the years of experience and creative input of your facilitators and will be able to discuss your ideas with your professional peers.


korn ferry leadership architect™ 

This competency framework is based on more than 60 years of research and targets unique business needs with the most innovative framework on the market today.  Featuring 38 leadership competencies, it offers a simple yet elegant solution to communicating and developing the skills and behaviours that matter most for success.

The language is contemporary, matching the challenges of today’s environment and featuring important capabilities such as innovation, collaboration, influencing, building networks and resilience.

The new framework comes with a fresh approach to defining the critical competencies for different jobs and levels in order to achieve maximum alignment with strategic priorities.

The Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ (KFLA) can be implemented as a full comprehensive framework or a tailored model that targets specific organisational levels, functions, industries and business challenges.

We are currently taking registrations for the 2019 public Certification programs, please contact us at info@ldninternational.com or +613 9666 3320 to register your interest.



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korn ferry 360® feedback facilitation & interpretation 

A powerful way to ensure people align with organisational leadership needs and realise their full potential is through 360 degree feedback and coaching.

During this practical and interactive two-day workshop you will learn how to design and implement best-practice 360-Degree programs, interpret reports and facilitate highly effective feedback sessions for individuals.

 To register your interest in attending this certification please contact us at info@ldninternational.com or +613 9666 3320.



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The Leadership Architect® 101

The Leadership Architect® is a comprehensive, integrated set of tools that gives you the ability to put research-based leadership and organisational development best practices into action. At the core of the Leadership Architect® is a library of 67 Competencies that research shows are associated with effective leadership. 

To find out more information on the Leadership Architect™ 67 competency model please contact us on +613 9666 3320.


already certified in Lominger leadership architect®?

For those already certified in the Lominger Leadership Architect® (LA101) and want to learn how to transition from the familiar 67 competencies to the 38 competency framework please contact us on +613 9666 3320.