conversational intelligence

Conversational IntelligenceConversations come easily to most of us. We engage in them daily, probably with little or no thought about the neurological processes taking place when we communicate verbally with others.

Many parts of the brain are involved in listening, comprehending meaning, and articulating what we want to say. In addition, conversations carry meaning and can trigger memories, ideas and feelings that either open us up or close us down.

Think about a time when a conversation left you feeling positive, happy and energised for your day. Contrast that with a time you were frustrated or annoyed.

  • Perhaps you struggled to communicate effectively with a colleague, boss or friend.
  • Maybe you found yourself in argument where others were fighting for what they saw as right, and not open to another point of view.
  • You may be a leader with a strong vision for your group, but finding it challenging to get everyone on board.

Fortunately, there is a way to understand the dynamics of conversations in situations like these and how we can turn them around to build trust, bond, grow and partner with each other.

It’s called Conversational Intelligence™.

Based on the life’s work of organisational anthropologist Judith E. Glaser, Conversational Intelligence™ is the intelligence hardwired into every human that enables us to navigate successfully with others.

The quality of business depends upon the quality of its culture, which depends upon the quality of its relationships, which depends upon the quality of the conversations that build them
Judith E. Glaser 

Grounded in neuroscience, Conversational Intelligence™ helps us recognise what’s happening during a conversation. We can then choose to proceed when that conversation is working, or of course auto-correct when it’s not – in the moment. 

Consider these facts:

  • The instant we contact others, biochemical reactions begin, automatically.
  • When we are within10 feet of another person, the process of "connectivity" begins.
  • Within .07 seconds, we decide whether or not we trust someone.

We believe that leaders need to give themselves every advantage by understanding the dynamics of conversations in their organisation and how to improve them. In doing so, they will be able to create a more trusting, collaborative and innovative environment in which their people can flourish.

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