Korn Ferry leadership architect™ | faq

What is the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™?

Released in 2014, the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™(KFLA) is a competency framework built on best practices and research from Korn Ferry companies Lominger, PDI Ninth House and Global Novations.

This innovative and advanced competency framework, with 4 Factors, 12 Clusters and 38 Competencies, helps organisations create job profiles for specific levels, functions and business challenges.

How does it compare to the classic Lominger Leadership Architect®?

There are many features common to both competency frameworks. Each has cards for sorting, along with supporting tools for development, 360-degree feedback and competency based interviewing.

KFLA has fewer competencies, 38 instead of 67, and is written in a way that reflects important themes in business today, including collaboration, resourcefulness, resilience and valuing differences. Similarly, there are 10 career stallers and stoppers, rather than 19. 

Does this mean that the Lominger Leadership Architect® is disappearing?

No, Korn Ferry is committed to supporting the many customers around the world who have already invested in the classic Lominger Leadership Architect® and its associated tools.

Over time, it is expected that more research will be devoted to the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ and we anticipate that organisations who are starting their journey with companies will opt to go with KFLA.

Do I have to change to the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™?

No, you can keep using the Lominger competencies and associated tools that you have been using. You can update to KFLA if you choose to do so when the time is right for your organisation.

We suggest you consider it when you want to realign your competency framework to a new business strategy.

We have an intellectual property license for the Lominger competencies: do we need a new one?

If you have a current IP License that you renew each year, you will receive the new KFLA Competencies as part of your renewal fee. If not, please contact us to find out how to access the new content.

Will it be challenging to move my organisation to a new competency framework?

If you are already familiar with the Lominger Competency Cards, Research & Interpretation Guides and the FYI Book, you will find it straightforward to transition to the new KFLA. We can show you how.

Will I have to get certification in the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™?

If you are already certified in Leadership Architect® 101, your certification officially carries over. However, we suggest an orientation to KFLA will be needed.

You can attend a certification program and there are benefits in that you will rapidly acquire familiarity with the new content and see a more systematic process for competency modeling in action. Alternatively, we can provide you with a Masterclass that is tailored to your specific needs.

What is the difference between certification and a masterclass?

Korn Ferry certifications are conducted globally in a consistent format to meet criteria related to content, duration and instructional design that are required by the HR Certification Institute (USA).

A Masterclass allows for more flexibility as it can be structured around the learning and content that you require. Korn Ferry recognises both certification and Masterclass training that are provided by authorised faculty members.