Lominger / Korn Ferry & LDN International

LDN International - a Korn Ferry product specialist and Master Associate firm.

Lominger International was established in 1991 by Michael M. Lombardo, Ed.D. and Robert W. Eichinger, Ph.D. and together they developed the solutions that make up the Leadership Architect® Suite. 

In 2006 Korn Ferry International, a global provider of executive recruitment and talent consulting services announced its acquisition of Lominger Limited Inc.  Since Lominger joined the Korn Ferry group of companies a team of leadership development researchers has continued to enhance our understanding of how to find and develop the leaders of tomorrow. 

 In 2014 Korn Ferry brought together all of their legacy brands (Lominger, PDI and Global Novations) to a single source for talent solutions. 

LDN International is an internationally recognised firm that provides leadership and talent development solutions to meet the needs of organisations in today's rapidly changing business environment. We are a Korn Ferry product specialist and Master Associate firm. We conduct Korn Ferry Public Certifications in Melbourne, Australia and are able to offer certifications in-house for groups within Australia and throughout Asia Pacific.

Based in Melbourne, Australia we also operate throughout New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Our clients include local, national and global organisations across public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  

To find out more, please call us on + 61 (3) 9666 3320 or email info@ldninternational.com