Korn Ferry talent hub

The Korn Ferry Talent Hub  is an online platform that gives you a single point of access to Korn Ferry's Product Suite comprising talent acquisition tools, and talent development tools and resources. 

By selecting ready-made resources and tailoring them to your organisation's unique requirements, you can establish an integrated framework for talent management across the hiring process and employee lifecycle. 

Korn Ferry Talent Hub

Not only does it give you a fast, easy technology solution for recruiting tools, but it also gives you the intellectual property, strategic content and insights that allow you to make informed talent recruitment and development decisions.

Talent Acquisition - Select

A seamless approach to recruiting the right talent is accessed via an intuitive and interactive user interface. Key components include: 

Success Profile library

The library contains 4,000+ Success Profiles reflecting Korn Ferry's decades of job analysis and research into “what good looks like” in specific roles. Use them 'as is' or edit with your own criteria for successfully recruiting top talent in your organisation. 

Interview guides

Download interview guides based on the competencies required in a Success Profile; you can give hiring managers the ability to streamline interviews and focus on the most relevant and targeted questions for your candidate pool. 

Market insights

Gain multiple additional data points per Success Profile to give you a view on the competitiveness of your rewards package for a specific job, whether it would be easier to buy or build talent to fill the role, and how long it might take to fill a position. 

Job descriptions

Quickly and easily generate job descriptions based on Success Profile. Because the underlying data is based on Korn Ferry's research, you can be confident that your job postings are directly based on what determines success in the role. 

Talent Development - Assess

Today's businesses need high-quality leaders who can deliver results in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. If you can identify and develop employees who have high performance leadership potential, you will be able to prepare your organisation to thrive in an uncertain future. 

Potential assessment

This assessment is used to evaluate individuals objectively and accurately against what we know to be the main measures of leadership potential - traits, drivers, experiences, learning agility and derailment risks. It then translates this into actionable insight you can use to address development gaps and make the right decisions about who can successfully lead in your organisation. 

Leadership selection

This assessment helps you objectively identify people who have what they need to succeed. In addition, you can tailor the assessment to reflect the specific factors you're looking for to find leaders from within and outside your organisation who will be a good fit. 

Professional development

This assessment is a scalable, low-touch self-assessment that measures participants against competencies, traits and drivers that spell success in a role. They can then use the employee development report and action-planning guide to help them apply these insights and develop in the relevant areas. 

This puts people in control of their own professional development, helping them feel more engaged and making it easier for you to apply at all levels in your organisation.  

To find out more about the Korn Ferry Talent Hub please call us on +61 (3) 9666 3320 or email info@ldninternational.com