introducing KF360

Voices 360 degree feedback toolThose familiar with the assessment tool VOICES® will know it has been the gold standard for 360 degree assessment over many years. Korn Ferry has released a new, updated version, known simply as KF360.

Many features of the original 360 have been retained and new ones added to reflect the rich heritage of Korn Ferry's competency content and modern survey technology. The competencies were derived from more than three decades of research into how and why executives and managers achieve successful careers.

KF360 is an online 360 degree survey designed in a way that helps individuals identify and develop the skills that matter most. Participants rate themselves and are rated by others who know them well and can provide insight across a range of work-related behaviours. This may include some or all of the Leadership Architect® competencies, career stallers and stoppers, or your organisation’s specific competencies.

Raters include managers, direct reports, people you lead, customers and others. Having multiple raters increases the accuracy of skill ratings across the competencies. The survey takes up to 30 minutes to complete, depending on the time spent adding written comments.

Individual Feedback

KF360  is a sophisticated development tool and skilled facilitation of feedback ensures people benefit from the insight it provides.

LDN International’s team of skilled feedback coaches have extensive experience in debriefing KF360 reports and coaching leaders. Their style is respectful, non-judgmental and confidential.

Group Reporting

The 360 degree feedback data for groups of people can be combined and analysed. Whilst no individual results are identified, it is a powerful way to find shared strengths or capability gaps.

In the context of business strategy, this  enables  us  to  predict  the group’s likely contribution and determine overall development needs.

Development Resources

KF360 incorporates globally benchmarked data for the interpretation of reports, revealing how individuals or groups compare to other executives or managers.

It is also supported by world leading development resources, such as the FYI for your improvement™ competency development guide and the Paths to Improvement™ development planning guide.

Coaching for Development

LDN International uses a proven six-step model to help a person identify and prioritise development opportunities and define a path to improvement.

Self-monitoring on the leadership development journey is rarely sufficient. Coaching focuses and sustains the effort through setting goals, defining  milestones, and celebrating achievement.

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