Leadership Architect® Implementation

The Leadership Architect® is a powerful set of tools that helps you build systemic talent management systems in your organisation. The logical starting point is to attend the Leadership Architect® course as this will give you a comprehensive overview of the possibilities. Next, you can become certified in any tools that will help you meet your most pressing business challenges.

For example, you may want to define the competencies that are essential for your people to deliver the strategic goals of the business, find those in your organisation who can progress to senior management or to improve your success rate in hiring people from outside. The Leadership Architect® contains resources to help with these needs and many more.

Once you are certified, you should give some thought as to how you are going to implement your newly acquired knowledge. How ready are your people to adopt new practices? Do you need to make a solid business case and win them over to your ideas? Do they want a thorough, detailed plan or do they prefer a quick, practical solution?

As a Korn/Ferry Master Associate firm, we have worked with these tools since the late 1990's and our team has an unparalleled depth of expertise in their application. Here are some things we have observed about those who have successfully implemented the Leadership Architect® tools:

  • They treat their implementation like a project and plan, organise and measure progress
  • They engage others in the initiative and assign them roles and responsibilities
  • They source external assistance to supplement their in-house capacity and capability
  • They tailor their approach to their people and culture
  • They develop a communication plan for all stakeholder groups
  • They set realistic time frames so they don't overload people.

An important consideration when you get started will be what tools you need, how many and in what format. You can purchase books and card decks from the online product store. You can also licence the content of many of the tools by purchasing an intellectual property licence. This gives you the right to copy, reprint and modify any of the tools in the suite. This is the preferred option for many organisations that want to have the content available in documents or on the company's Intranet.

The LDN International team can help you get started with an initial planning session or roundtable meeting whether you are planning a soft launch or large system implementation. To arrange a discussion with one of our experts, please contact us on +613 9666 3320 or email info@ldninternational.com