Leadership Architect® Tools

The Leadership Architect® contains over 50 paper and online products, some of which are listed below.

Competency modeling

The Korn Ferry Leadership Architect® is a library of 38 Competencies that research shows are associated with effective leadership. Included with the library are 10 Stallers & Stoppers, which describe behaviours that can hinder or harm a career, . Tools include:

  • The Leadership Architect® Competency Sort Cards
  • The Leadership Architect® Research & Interpretation Placemats.

Coaching and development

The FYI: For Your Improvement™ book is full of practical tips to develop any of the Leadership Architect® Competencies. FYI for Insight™ reveals the enablers (and detractors) of success to choose the right competencies. Recognising that everyone's development needs are slightly different, Paths to Improvement™ helps a person target the best approach. Tools include:

  • FYI For Your Improvement: A Guide for Development and Coaching™
  • FYI For Insight: The 21 Leadership Characteristics for Success and the 5 that get you Fired™
  • Paths to Improvement: Navigating Your Way to Success.

Feedback and assessment

Feedback on our strengths, limitations and impact on others is essential for peak performance at work. Formal 360-degree surveys are valuable because many people are too busy or lack the interest or courage to give us honest and timely feedback. Two online 360-degree surveys focus respectively on competencies and learning agility, and a self-assessment is also available for learning agility.

  • Korn Ferry 360® surveys (Leadership competencies)
  • viaEDGE™ self-assessment (Learning agility).

Succession management

Organisations need to have a clear concept of potential and a reliable way of measuring it. One of the strongest differentiators of potential is learning agility that can be assessed with eChoices® and viaEDGE™, mentioned above and through a Learning from Experience™ (LFE) Interview. In addition, there is another set of resources to help you match people with jobs.

  • Learning from Experience™ (LFE) Interview Guide
  • FYI For Learning Agility™
  • Career Architect® Development Placemats.

Interviewing and selection

As an HR or recruitment specialist, how satisfied are you that your managers have the capability to select the right people? Is their current approach to interviewing consistent with current thinking and best practice? Are they able to hire people who have the skills to do the job today and have the capacity to grow and perform in different roles in the future? 

The Interview Architect® contains comprehensive interviewing tools to create structured, behaviour based interview guides. It not only allows you to assess candidates for their competency to perform the job today, but also to evaluate a person's potential to learn and grow into future roles. Tools include:

  • Interview Architect® Express Interviewer's Kit
  • Interview Architect® Express Online Subscription
  • Interviewing Right: How Science Can Sharpen Your Interviewing Accuracy.

LDN International offers a one-day Interview Architect® Masterclass where you will learn a methodology for each stage of selection and how to apply paper-based and online tools to streamline the process. You will also walk away with a session plan for training hiring managers in better interviewing.  Included in this one-day course is a post-workshop implementation advice session with one of our selection experts.

To find out more information about the Interview Architect® Masterclass please contact us on +613 9666 3320.

Team effectiveness

Teams are effective to the extent that they have a clear purpose, manage the business of being a team well and have the right support from their leader and the organisation. These factors can be measured using the Team Architect™ T7 Model of Team Effectiveness and team performance enhanced using over 200 easy-to-implement development tips. Tools include:

  • Team Architect® Sort Cards
  • FYI For Teams™: For Team members, Team leaders and Team Coaches
  • eTeam™ Online Survey.

Performance management

The Leadership Architect® contains 10 Universal Performance Dimensions that apply most, if not all, jobs from entry level to boardroom. Each represents a key aspect of how performance is achieved. Lominger International partners with software vendors to provide access to this content online. Tools for performance management include:

  • Performance Management Architect™ Placemats
  • FYI for Performance Management™.

Strategic alignment

Strategic alignment is achieved when talent management practices are linked to firm strategy and customer value. The Strategic Effectiveness Architect™ (SEA) provides the language for translating strategy into organisational capabilities and into mission-critical leadership competencies. Tools include:

  • Strategic Effectiveness Architect® Sort Cards
  • eSEA™ Strategic Effectiveness Architect® Online Survey
  • FYI for Strategic Effectiveness™: Aligning People and Operational Practices to Strategy.

To find out more about which Leadership Architect® tools and resources are most suited to your needs, please call us on +613 9666 3320 or email info@ldntinernational.com