Leadership Architect® Certification Workshop (Prerequisite)

The Leadership Architect® is a comprehensive, integrated set of tools that gives you the ability to put research-based leadership and organisational development best practices into action. In this two day workshop you will learn to implement an array of competency based HR tools efficiently, effectively and with confidence.

You Will Learn to...

  • Interpret the research behind The Leadership Architect® Suite (studies on experiential learning, derailment and development) and leverage this information in your organisation.
  • Use the Leadership Architect® Competency Sort Cards to identify differentiating competencies critical for success across different jobs and levels, create job profiles and individual assessments.
  • Create integrated, competency based HR processes such as interviewing, feedback, development and succession planning and translate them all back to individual development.
  • Assess and prioritise skill gaps between individuals and various job profiles.
  • Construct an aligned, competency based, strategic HR program to provide the greatest value to your organisation.

Course Fee

The fee for this two-day course is $2,950 + GST. This includes course notes, lunch, refreshments and the toolkit listed below.

  • Leadership Architect® Sort Card Deck (5th Edition) & Quick Reference Guide
  • FYI For Your Improvement™ (5th Edition)
  • Leadership Architect® Technical Manual
  • Research & Interpretation Placemat (Laminated)
  • Career Architect® Development Placemat
  • Paths to Improvement Book and Coaching Reference Guide™