Every leader needs a clear understanding of where he or she stands now on the leadership skills that matter most for personal and professional success. 

There are three important components in a comprehensive assessment of executive leadership capability. The first is an accurate appraisal of leadership strengths and limitations, best achieved through multi-rater feedback.

The second is an evaluation of learning agility. This reveals how flexible, adaptable and resourceful a leader is in the face of demands of their role and business environment, both now and in the future.

The third is an appraisal of personality characteristics specific to leadership performance. Personality has been proven to have a direct influence on leadership ability and style. It also has strong implications for the way leaders create teams and impact organisational culture.

These assessments can be used alone or in combination with each other to enhance development conversations with managers to support career planning.  

We offer a range of talent development assessments covering, leadership skills, personal qualities, thinking styles, values, motivations, derailment risks and more.

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