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An understanding of how personality shapes and influences leadership performance is important for those who hold critical roles at the top of organisations and for those who are charged with improving the quality of organisational leadership.

Leadership Performance

Whilst there are no personality characteristics that are better than others in all circumstances, there is evidence that some characteristics predict leadership success in particular jobs and business environments. Knowing what these are in our work situation can help us make sense of how we need to grow and adapt to the challenges we face and the people we work with.


A well-constructed assessment of personality will reveal the aspects of leadership that likely come very naturally to you, those that can potentially be challenging and how they are likely to play out in behaviour at work.

For example, you may be a perceptive and insightful judge of people who is able to read hidden agendas and identify social and political problems. This could be a major asset to you in your career. However, if you also tend to focus more on the negative than the positive, you may appear to be somewhat critical and this could impede your ability to build and sustain relationships.

For a fully comprehensive assessment of personality in a leadership performance context, we recommend Hogan Assessment Systems. The Leadership Forecast Series provides three inventories that cover the role of personality in predicting job performance outcomes:

  • The Hogan Personality Inventory is a high-quality evaluation of the personality characteristics necessary for success in career, relationships, education and life. It identifies a person's strengths as a leader
  • The Hogan Development Survey measures eleven patterns of behaviour that can impede work relationships or hinder productivity. It identifies personality-based performance risks as a leader
  • The Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory reveals a person's core values that give meaning to his or her life. It identifies the kind of environment a leader will create.

For an exploration of the differences in the ways people perceive the world and make decisions, we recommend the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Acknowledged as the world's most widely used personality assessment, it is particularly useful for building interpersonal skill and understanding group dynamics.

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