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Our next edition will feature:

  • Digitial transformation has come to the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™
  • New research into the skills needed of our future leaders
  • Choosing the right assessment tools 

Below are some articles from earlier e-newsletter editions:


top development needs of leaders

The complex and changing work of business that leaders face today calls for a finely tuned set of skills to drive a business forward and deliver results. But what are these skills?

We recently sought an answer to this question, using data gathered from 360-degree surveys for over 226 leaders. With input from over 2,000 raters, a gap analysis between the level of skill and the perceived importance of a set of leadership capabilities revealed three key areas where people believe their leaders could be more effective.  

Leadership Development

We believe these are important because they mirror other recent global research into leadership capability.

Click here to read the summary of our analysis.


high impact executive coaching

LDN International's executive coaching practice has expanded significantly in the last three years, driven initially by our ability to combine leadership assessments to give executives a leadership dashboard summarising their strengths and clearly targeting their best development opportunities.

Building on this, we adopted a high-quality technology platform to provide convenient and time-efficient coaching sessions anywhere in the world.  The map below shows the countries where recent coaches are based. 

Executive Coaching


Previous editions featured discussions on:

  1. The power of Conversational Intelligence™
  2. How effective are your leaders
  3. Are you shaping the next generation of leaders?
  4. Thre ways to dramatically improve hiring decisions
  5. Helping leaders focus on the skills they need to win
  6. Using Learning Agility in selection
  7. Aligning people and operational practices to strategy
  8. Are you selecting the right talent for your organisations?

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