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the power of conversational intelligence™

The quality of communication in an organisation has a powerful impact on its overall performance. Those who manage it well use a variety of media to ensure they provide people with relevant and timely information.

One form of communication has not had the attention it deserves - conversations. These take place right across the business every day, in meetings and in hallways, whether formal or informal, they are at the very core of how people connect and relate to one another.

Executive Coaching

Did you know that the art and science behind conversations is now the focus of a global movement to develop great leaders and change cultures?

To learn how Conversational Intelligence™ helps leaders achieve extraordinary results click here.


What's new in competency frameworks?

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Global Competency Framework

Thanks to all who attended our February Breakfast Briefing on the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ and posed some great questions. If you missed out on this and would like to attend a future event please click here.

Whilst not all of you are intending to adopt the new framework, we will bring you news and views in future Newsletters so you can stay up to date on what's trending in the world of competencies.  

Click here to see the first in a series of blogs on competencies.


Breakfast Briefing Korn Ferry


360 degree feedback

360-degree feedback

Providing feedback to individulas and groups has long been a core   part of LDN's business.

We know that, done well, 360-degree feedback is the catalyst for self-improvement and increased performance. Tie the survey content to the leadership skills needed to deliver your strategic priorities and you have a powerful way to drive business results.

Click here to read the critical factors for implementing successful 360-degree feedback. 


talent engagement and retention

Are the issues of engagement and retention on your agenda?

Whilst we work with talent management professionals on systems to optimise diverse talent, we are regularly called upon on to coach emerging leaders. This gives us deep insight into the drivers of engagement and retention. Our recent review of global thought leadership in this field shows some common themes.

Click here for an overview of our perspective on what matters for engagement in 2015.


 Talent Engagement



other editions

We featured insights into:

  1. Helping leaders focus on the skills they need to win
  2. Three ways to dramatically improve hiring decisions
  3. What distinguishes great leaders
  4. The New Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™
  5. Enhancing the Employee Value Proposition
  6. New Directions in Talent Management
  7. The Return on Self-Awareness
  8. How does personality influence leadership performance?
  9. Is your organisation agile enough to thrive in a changing market
  10. Leadership Coaching
  11. An HR App for cutting edge news and views
  12. Making sure you have the right people on the bus

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